“The World Is A Ghetto” F. Kendrick Lamar

    If the past few months count for anything, Kendrick Lamar is one of the hottest MCs around (even if MTV doesn’t think so). And “The World Is a Ghetto,” the latest Lamar-backed track from on-the-come-up soul singer BJ the Chicago Kid (following last month’s “His Pain”), is further evidence of that. Atop a wonderfully nuanced instrumental that evokes one of the more sprawling moments of Isaac Hayes’s Hot Buttered Soul, BJ and Lamar work their best tendencies – which is to say, the former’s seemingly nonchalant croon and the latter’s ever-commanding flow – into a six-minute space-out. Stream the track below.

    BJ’s new mixtape, P I N E a P P L E N O W – L a T E R S, is out now.