“World Famous” F. Sir Michael Rocks (Video)

    You’re going to have to ignore the fact that Sir Michael Rocks aka Mikey Rocks from The Cool Kids barely makes an appearance on this track (see him rocking nunchucks at 3:02). Nevertheless, his presence on the screen is longer than the blip of “Yonkers” that plays around 1:58. “OF beef, I live that,” brandUn DeShay raps. Some YouTube commenter already said what I might’ve written in response to that ‘diss’: “I suppose no one heard a millisecond of the yonkers beat during the party scene of? this video.” Anyway, this joint, produced by brandUn, is off All Day DeShay, the rapper/producer’s first album out on an independent label. He and his boys skateboard, throw a house party and hang with the Cookie Monster. Watch brandUn DeShay’s video for “World Famous” below. [2DBZ]