“Won’t Back Down” f. Pink

    While track list announcements don’t typically move me, I couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable seeing Pink and Rihanna featured on Eminem’s upcoming Recovery album. Aren’t they the type of singers Marshall would normally rip apart on his typically goofy/trite singles? Well, I guess he really is moving away from most of his earlier material with this record, something he displayed instantly on emo lead single “Not Afraid.”


    After sounding much more focused on “Not Afraid,” Eminem is kind of all over the place for his duet with Pink. Her hook is on some epic “We Will Rock You” shit while Em moves from one topic to the next. He calls himself a shit stain on the underwear of life at one point and references Lil Wayne’s syrup addiction at another. I’ve honestly listened to this track five times now and I’m still not sure what’s being said here beyond the fact Em and Pink “Won’t Back Down.” Eh, this all sounded better on The Eminem Show‘s “‘Till I Collapse.” I’m equally on the fence about DJ Khalil’s rock-driven production, which at times is borderline corny.


    You can stream “Won’t Back Down” below or listen over at Nah Right. Recovery drops June 22.