“Womyn AKA Hitch (Demo)”

    Das Racist’s Heems has a semi-ironic obsession with chronicling the movie Hitch, going so far as having his profile pic on Twitter a doctored poster featuring his own face. He takes his love of Hitch to a musical end with ‘Womyn aka Hitch” a song he posted up to his Tumblr yesterday. The track was produced by Mike Finito, a Das Racist affiliate, who is releasing a mixtape of tracks with Heems, and it has a shitload of hilarious one-liners: “You women, they like to take showers, and when they let you take them with them it’s really awesome (Shampoo!)” is my favorite. What’s yours? “These chicks is womyn,” indeed. 


    If you don’t want to download the track, you can stream it at Stereogum