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Wiz Khalifa: "The Rain"

Considering the history of the genre, there's arguably few things more meta than a hip-hop song sampling another hip-hop song. In "The Rain," chief Pittsburgh rap envoy Wiz Khalifa takes on Missy Elliott's very first single, 1997's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"; Khalifa's version doesn't include the memorable vocal chorus by Ann Pebbles though, instead reducing the beat to its bare Timbaland essential. Lyrically, the track becomes a rant against phony rappers and fans.

"The Rain" comes ahead of Khalifa's much-anticipated mixtape 28 Grams, on which the rapper (under new moniker Trap Wiz) will present more remixes of other artists' songs. 

Listen below:



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Wiz Khalifa

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