“With You” f. Drake

    It’s a damn good thing that Lil Wayne and his people decided to make I’m Not a Human Being a full-length as opposed to an EP like was originally planned. It seems like we have heard a new leak from this project every other day over the past week or so. Hell, “What’s Wrong With Them” hit the web just three goddamn hours ago; hear it here. Unlike that much more straightforward track, “With You,” which features Drake on the hook, finds Weezy on his lover-man tip. And even though a lot of love-centric anthems can sound forced from rappers of his ilk, “With You” really just works. Wayne keeps his nonsensical rhymes to a minimum as he mostly sticks to sweet sentiments over StreetRunner’s pleasant, soul-laced beat.


    You can hear “With You” at 2DopeBoyz. I’m Not a Human Being drops Sept. 27.