“Witch Hunt Suite For World III” (Video)

    Ten years ago amidst the tragic, chaotic events of 9/11, Ariel Pink began working on a track that would begin to surface some six years later on a tour-only release called Yas Dudette. But Pitchfork has revealed that his label, 4AD, has decided to release the track, “Witch Hunt Suite For World III,” as an exclusive iTunes single today on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. 

    The track has also received a video treatment, which appropriately outlines the myriad emotions felt throughout Sept. 11, 2001, from confusion to patriotism to loss. At more than 16 minutes in length, you’re obviously going to need some time to sit through and properly digest the track and its Animal Charm-directed visuals. It might seem kind of bizarre at times, but best believe there’s meaning behind what you assume is straight-up wackiness.