We’ve always known that this white boy is all about his soul, but boy did Jamie Lidell bring it back even further. So far back he’s reached into the swamps of Louisiana and its ragtime heart. But let’s not forget he’s also a fan of futuristic endeavors. In this stream of “why_ya_why”, a track from his upcoming self-titled album Jamie Lidell, the chemist brings it all together. Harpering on with his powerful seething vocals as if time warped to a time when there was nothing to do but sing the blues and go to masquerades; he then suddenly ends it in a field of asteroids with his mishmash of electronic beats and experimentations. And having given us another taste with “What A Shame,” Lidell is definitely back to his scientist ways.

    His new album will be out February 19, 2013 via Warp Records.

    Listen to the maniacal track below: