“Why You Mad For” (F. GrandeMarshall) (Prod. Eff Dope & Su Bailey)

    A few weeks ago, New York (via Seattle) rapper Aaron Cohen released the visuals for the track “Stanley Kubrick.”  Although the track was a single off his 2012 Murk mixtape, the song offered more material for people to get acquainted with the up-coming Inner City Kids member. 


    Up until now, we have only heard one single (which also happens to be the lead song) for his new mixtape Potential Fans.  On the song “Potential Fans,” we got a sense of Aaron Cohen’s continuing hunger for entry into the Hip Hop circle.  The chorus goes: “I don’t got critics, I got potential fans/Cause real motherfu**ers know who I am.”  On the newest single off that project—“Why You Mad For”—a theme continues.  Set on top of an instrumental of eerie howls and screams, Aaron teams up with fellow up and comer: Fool’s Gold Record’s GrandeMarshall.  Together, the two emcees rhyme with a central hook which encapsulates their main goal: “Why you mad for? Why you mad for?/They don’t let us in, we breaking down the back door.”  


    The track appeared the Rockstar Games sponsored mixtape Grand Theft Audio V which also featured tracks by Action Bronson, Tyga, Jadakiss, Roscoe Dash, Prodigy, and Vado. 



    There is no set release date for Potential Fans as of yet.