“Why It Gotta Be Like Dis (Mama)”

    Atlanta trap-rapper Pill is up to one of two things with all these free releases as of late. He’s either clearing out his hard-drive by sharing tracks with his fans or he’s getting us ready for the impending release of his new project, The Diagnosis. From what I can tell, it’s not clear which is the case, if only because no official release date for The Diagnosis has been given.

    Until that day comes, we’ll have to keep enjoying the tunes he’s provided us for the cost of a mouse click. His latest, “Why It Gotta Be Like Dis (Mama),” is one of his more playful, pop-oriented tracks to date, if only because it sounds like a Kid Cudi song at first. The verses are distinctly Pill, but there’s something about that hook that is way too familiar. Stream it below. [Nah Right]