“Who Am I?” (Video)

    Earlier this year, aging post-punk pioneers Gang of Four put out a competent album of all new studio material, Content, and followed it up with two videos (“Never Pay For The Farm” and “It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good”) that featured simple footage of the band playing live. For the video for “Who Am I?” however, they decided to step out of this comfort zone. The video was directed by founding member Andy Gill, and includes these less-than-desirable elements:

    1. Eighties-pastel rectangles framing band members’ faces and changing size to the beat.

    2. Band members’ faces, staring “coolly” at the camera from behind morphing pastel rectangles.

    3. A guitarist playing his guitar in front of an explosion (presumably caused by his guitar playing).

    4. Literal reenactments of lyrics acted out by what are hopefully amateur actors.

    5. A cartoon video game simulation wherein the goal is apparently to shoot jumping sheep.

    There are other egregious factors to consider here, which I invite you to investigate in the video above. Don’t get me wrong, Gang of Four are legends, but maybe they should stick to audio and leave the video alone. [CoS]