“Where I Found You” (Prefix Premiere)


    Tackling the zombie apocalypse one synthpop gem at a time, Canadian producer Digits has ended part one of his In the City of the Dead project with a serious krautrockian downer. Part electronica record, part serialized novella, In the City of the Dead follows the story of a survivor trapped in a quarantined city after a brain-destroying plague breaks out amid a fascist society. Chapter 5 in the saga details the moment when protagonist J discovers that his wife is one of his city’s many casualties. Simultaneously a mournful dirge and a battle cry, “Where I Found You” marches forward with sad piano and low synths pinging against a mounting military beat.

    The track and its accompanying text can be found below. Head to Digits’s website to stream each chapter in the story so far.


    Chapter 5: Where I Found You

    The Borderline.

    The impenetrable barrier set up by the army, by federal order. For national security and health reasons, the city had been quarantined immediately after the outbreak. The only lead J had on his wife’s whereabouts had brought him here.

    The landscape near the wall was littered with bodies. Many had been trampled, the rest shot by the army from the air for attempting to escape. Her body is among the dead. J collapses to the ground. The world spins.

    “Hey man, you better come with us! Whole pack of dead headed this way!”

    “Get out of here, they’ll eat you alive! What’s wrong with you?”

    “I’m Trevor, he’s Dean. Listen, it’s a new world now. Everything you used to know is gone. And you better get used to it, quick.”

    Still in shock, J lies in the back seat as the car speeds along the highway, steering around abandoned vehicles, masses of walking dead visible on the horizon behind them.