“Where Beasts Die” (Sweater Beats Remix) (Prefix Premiere)

    A couple months after we premiered :Papercutz’s lovely single “Where Beasts Die,” up-and-coming producer Sweater Beats—real name Antonio Cuna, of New York—has remixed it into an entirely different animal. The original “Beasts” had subtle heartbeat drums and an emphasis on vocals; in this version, Sweater Beats takes those luminous vocals and uses them as the main flavor for his fragmented electro remix. The original mix appears in snatches, sandwiched between big, sweeping bursts of synths and glitchy beats. Definitely a remix worth hearing—and :Papercutz are releasing this new “Where Beasts Die” as part of a track-by-track unveiling of their new digital EP. Listen to this Prefix Premiere below