“When The Night Falls” f. Solange (Video)

    Chromeo’s music often sounds like it was dropped in from a time portal to 1984, like some kind of rip in the universe immediately following “I Can’t Go For That” let the band loose on our consciousness. The video for their new single, “When the Night Falls,” feels like that too: It’s a video in which P-Thugg and Dave-1 accidentally get women pregnant with their charm, and then get chased by the women like pregnancy turns you into a zombie (which isn’t far from the truth, amirite Ladies?). But then the whole thing is a dream? And Dave-1 has to go see his kid? I’m pretty sure this was the plot of a Prince video, but I can’t prove it because he takes down all his videos on YouTube. Either way, let’s just enjoy the hell out of this for now.

    Chromeo’s Business Casual is out now.