“When The Lilies Die” (Video)

    Los Angeles-based duo Io Echo have a friend in Trent Reznor, who tapped them to open the last ever Nine Inch Nails show. Besides liking their goth-tinged sound, Reznor presumably found a kinship in their love of soundtracks: Io Echo have composed the score for the film Rebel, out soon from Harmony Korine and James Franco.

    And “When The Lilies Die” is a soundtrack in its own right. The song is rich with sonic detail, tracing its roots to the British end of shoegaze. The accompanying video amps it up further, starting at the album cover for the group’s upcoming debut album Ministry of Love–out this fall on IAMSOUND–and scrambling the visuals as the song climaxes amid a wave of guitars. Check it out below.