“When I Come Back”

    When he wasn’t tweeting about his headphones or starting and settling “beef” with Jimmy Iovine this past week, 50 Cent was recording yet another fiery track. He’s on his street-shit again on “When I Come Back,” which doesn’t really become quite as aggressive as its predecessors before the ad libs. It’s then that 50 resumes those track-ending ad libs he used in the past to douse his enemies in hater-ade. This time, he lays into those dudes “who don’t want that” have changed into “pussy-ass n****s [who] got you dancing to love songs and shit.” Shots fired? Maybe. It will be interesting to see where this leads. You have my attention, 50. You win again.


    Stream “When I Come Back” below.


    50 Cent – When I Come Back by user4231826