“Wet” (Video)

    Snoop Dogg claims he recorded “Wet” for the bachelor party of none other than Prince William, the future King of England. The video holds up that contention; in it, he invites the two British princes to Las Vegas to lounge around with him in a plush white tuxedo jacket as attractive, silicone-filled ladies put their hands on him. Then, bizarrely, he’s out in the desert with a classic car and a Rococo-era living room set.

    Snoop’s always been somewhat of a comedian, but it seems like he’s really kind of bored with making music at this point and wouldn’t do it if he couldn’t make over-the-top sexual innuendos and jokes about Prince William. Also, telling someone to “Walk on water like Moses,” as he does in the first few seconds, is a really hilarious (and Biblically incorrect) thing to say.

    Doggumentary Music
    is due out in March