“We’re Going to Be Friends” (Live on The Last ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’) (Video)


    Conan’s love of the White Stripes is well-documented; if you’ll remember, he had the band play his show for four nights in a row in 2003 to promote the release of their new album Elephant. At the opening of the clip, Conan is honest about having wanted to close out his run at Late Night with a performance by the White Stripes, and it’s good to see the White Stripes in their first public performance since Meg White’s reported anxiety problem in 2007.


    Both stripes perform guitar and vocals in this performance of "We’re Going to Be Friends" from 2002’s White Blood Cells, and watching, you’re forced to wonder if this is the last type of performance like this we’ll see on Conan because of his new time-slot. Music fans everywhere would suffer if O’Brien was forced to repeat his great White Stripes stunt of 2003 with the reunited Limp Bizkit, or something of that order. Please Conan, continue to keep it real. [Stereogum]