“Welcome To The Machine” (Pink Floyd Cover)

    When Geoff Barrow isn’t setting up tours and curating festivals with Portishead, he’s apparently working on his side project, Beak>. The trio most recently hit the studio to put together this cover of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” for an issue of Mojo Magazine dedicated to the legendary prog/psych outfit. To say it stays true to the original version would be a huge stretch as Barrow and company stick to a kraut-inspired synthesizer drone with buried vocals and repetitive drums. It makes for an endearingly weird listen and one that should please fans of both Beak> and Pink Floyd. As for Portishead fans, well, they’ll probably just wish that Barrow was working on new stuff with Beth Gibbons and Adrien Utley instead. 

    You can stream the cover below.

    [130 BPM]