“Weirdo” (Video)

    News regarding the Bullitts — the audio/visual project of producer and writer Jeymes Samuel — began popping up online late last year with names like Jay Electronica, Lucy Liu, and Mos Def attached to it. But until this new track, “Weirdo,” appeared recently, not much else had been revealed about the Bullitts. We know now, however, that there is a full-length album in the works, They Die By Dawn and Other Short Stories, that’s due out later this year. And we also know that Samuel and his collaborators have created something pretty damn intriguing, especially if they continue to put out videos like the above one for “Weirdo.” It might start off a little too artsy for some of you, but make sure you stick around for the last two minutes or so. It’s not like you were going to close it anyway; the song itself is way too catchy.


    You can stream and download the track below.


    THE BULLITTS – WEIRDO by TheBullitts