Class Actress has a knack for making the ordinary interesting on their noir pop songs. Their Journal of Ardency EP, which came out last year, reads like a log of disappointments that singer Elizabeth Harper has had in love, but her histrionic vocals summon empathy. The Brooklyn duo strike the right amount of energy, too, balancing Harper’s croon with low-key, synth-based instrumentals.

    “Weekend,” the second single from their debut full-length, Rapprocher, sees Class Actress in their element. Harper transforms a plea for her man’s company into an anti-work week ballad, with groggy synths and distant bass lines that awaken with her breathy breakdown, mid-way through the song. The production on “Weekend” isn’t as sleek as on Journal of Ardency, but its chintziness is in line with a Saturday night crowd.

    Stream “Weekend” below. It appears on Rapprocher, drops Oct. 18 on Carpark.

    Weekend by Class Actress