“We Got It Wrong” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Brooklyn, N.Y.-by-way-of-Johannesburg, South Africa’s Jean-Philip Grobler dropped on our radar and stayed there last October with the release of his then-new single as St. Lucia, “We Got It Wrong.” Since then, the meticulous electronic artist has made some big moves. In addition to lining up an East Coast tour and SXSW shows, he also inked a deal with Neon Gold Records to release a self-titled EP. 

    But before that project gets here in March, Grobler is looking back to “We Got It Wrong” to release his debut music video. Like the track itself, everything seems relatively straightforward at first. You watch as a girl dances along to the infectious ’80s-influenced synths and drums like a runaway scene from a teen movie. But then, just as “We Got It Wrong” builds and grooves, things get, well, kind of weird. It’s a fitting twist, however, and one that provides the visuals with just the right amount of suspense to keep you interested.

    You can watch the video below.