“We Got It Wrong” (Prefix Premiere)

    To label New York’s St. Lucia as a synth-pop outfit with a penchant for danceable beats would be accurate, albeit misleading. Because they’re not only weaving together pulsing bass-and-drum attacks with catchy hooks and bursting synths. Sure, all those elements are the moving parts of St. Lucia’s latest single, “We Got It Wrong.” 

    But just as crucial is the dirge-like brass that emerges in the track’s second act. It nearly steals the spotlight from the otherwise caffeinated romp that lulls and swells alongside the layers of bright electronics and enthusiastic vocals. The track stems from St. Lucia’s forthcoming eponymous debut EP, which drops Nov. 14. You can stream and download “We Got It Wrong” below, where you can also view the band’s two CMJ gigs.

    St. Lucia: “We Got It Wrong” (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag