“We Found Love” F. Calvin Harris

    Is Rihanna the most prolific pop singer of our time? Probably. I mean, she’s churned out an impressive five albums since making her debut in 2005 with Music of the Sun. And since then, she’s pretty much released an album per year and steadily improved as a vocalist. Or maybe it’s just that her songwriting team knows how to stay within her range.

    Anyway, she’s gearing up to release a new album in November and “We Found Love” is the first we’re hearing from the currently untitled project. Although the song is a lil’ Euro-trashy — particularly those pulsing synths — it’s sounding like RiRi should have another huge hit on her hands here. We might be growing tired of the Euro-influenced sound, but it only seems to be getting more popular over here. Whatevs, this is catchy enough, right?

    You can stream the track below.

    Rihanna f/ Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Radio Rip) by headphonesupiii