“We Coming Running” (The Knocks Remix – Prefix Premiere)

    Youngblood Hawke’s “We Come Running” is one of the catchiest songs to hit the radio this year. It’s near impossible to not sing the chorus “Headed for the open door. Tell me what you’re waiting for. Look across the great divide. Soon they’re gonna hear. The sound, the sound, the sound. When we come running.” 

    While the original track was an unabashed, fun pop song. NYC Production duo the Knocks have now remixed “We Come Running” into a dance track that will have people singing the infectious chorus at clubs. 

    Youngblood Hawke’s We Come Running  Remix EP was just on Tuesday by Republic Records and can be purchased now on iTunes. View the track list below.

    1.We Come Running (Tiësto Remix)

    2.We Come Running (RAC Mix)

    3.We Come Running (The Knocks Remix)

    4.We Come Running (Spacebrother Remix)

    5.We Come Running (Vicetone Remix)

    6.We Come Running (B!ZNiZ Remix)

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