We Carry On (Coachella Video)

    Comparisons to the Silver Apples surfaced in many of the reviews of Portishead’s stark comeback album Third. On first listen “We Carry On” even sounds like it could have been ripped straight from the Apples’ 1968 debut. So it’s fascinating to see how the band manages to bring the track to life in this excerpt from their Coachella set. The group were swamped by a huge projection of themselves throughout the show—a neat visual trick that diverts from their withdrawn stage presence. And the song itself has been transformed from its studio incarnation to encompass electronic drums reminiscent of Joy Division (and also Portishead’s own “Machine Gun”) and great washes of loud guitar from Adrian Utley. This clip also features the bizarre sight of Beth Gibbons descending into the crowd to exchange a few high fives with the Coachella crowd.