“We Can’t Stop” F. Ne-Yo

    In the few years we have known about Sweden dream poppers jj, we have learned pretty quickly that they love them some American hip-hop and R&B through covers of Lil Wayne and Akon, among others. But the duo hadn’t actually worked with one of the artists they so often draw from and, in some cases, straight-up reinterpret. That all changes here, though, thanks to the folks behind the Adult Swim Singles Program. They were able to link the Swedes with soul/R&B crooner Ne-Yo for what is the most explicit and, perhaps, the catchiest track jj has recorded to date in “We Can’t Stop.” It’s pretty slow-going and icy — like a lot of jj’s material — until about halfway through when Ne-Yo comes in and turns it all the way out. Will it be a crossover hit? We’ll see.


    Stream the track below and download it at Adult Swim.