“We All Try” (Unofficial Video)

    The folks at High Five Collective are certainly getting their name out there in perhaps the best way possible these days. After churning out the impressive unofficial visuals for the Weeknd’s “The Morning,” they’re at it again here with some more great, albeit unsanctioned, imagery. And it’s for the other R&B cat making tones of noise this year, Frank Ocean. The film crew took on his more socially conscious Nostalgia, Ultra tune, “We All Try,” and interpreted it as the inner monologue of a woman who loses her faith in everything after beating the hell out of someone. She then…I won’t spoil it for you.


    Who wants to guess how long it will take for High Five Collective to get picked up to shoot some proper videos? A week?


    Nostalgia, Ultra is due out soon on Def Jam.