“Wavin Flag” f. David Bisbal (Live On Wetten Dass) (Video)


    In addition to the NBA Playoffs, the World Cup is also starting very soon. It’s known mostly as the event every four years when Americans break their legs trying to jump on the soccer bandwagon in time for America to get beaten by an Eastern European country that hasn’t seen a non-soot filled sky since 1845 (this country is most often Poland). K’Naan, a Somali-born rapper from Canada, is the pseudo spokesman for the World Cup, as his song “Wavin’ Flag” is the official jam of the event. Earlier this week, K’naan appeared on German TV show Wetten Dass to perform the song in what looks like a coliseum from Gladiator. He was joined by someone named David Bisbal, who is apparently the hot shit in Spain. The performance is properly nationalistic and happy. Who do you all have in the World Cup? I’m taking Finland. They have soccer there, right?