“Watching the Planets” (Live on Conan) (Video)

    The Flaming Lips are in full-on promo mode for their new album, Embryonic, and they showed up to perform “Watching the Planets” on Conan O’Brien’s show last night (Oct. 13). The band was bolstered by a new guitarist and an auxiliary gong player for this performance.


    As most reviews have noted, the tone of Embryonic is darker and more krautrock driven than the Flaming Lips’ recent excursions. “Watching the Planets” continues in this vein, building a big wall of distorted vocals and keyboards over a circuitous guitar riff while Wayne Coyne leaps around the stage and tries to get the (unseen) audience on their feet. Check out Conan’s attempt to play the gong right at the end of the clip.