“Cities As A Dream” (Video – Prefix Premiere)

    The music of Aeroplane Pageant, an indie rock outfit with a penchant for surrealistic imagery and ethereal pauses, might not be the most natural soundtrack choice to accompany video of a group of New York City street dancers, but check out the band’s new video for “Cities as a Dream” off its just-released Float Above the Yard, and you’ll see that the combination might be the best since chocolate met peanut butter. 

    AP frontman Brian Kelly directed the video using footage of breakdancing troupe Breeze Team that he and his crew shot with a high-tech slow-motion camera one summer day in Central Park. The extreme slow motion recontexualizes the dancing, highlighting acrobatic movements; high contrast imagery pulls out details and striating muscle. 

    Fitting, of course, and not one bit incongruous, is the song’s title. The images do come across as if the city we’re used to had been plucked from a dream. 

    Band Site: aeroplanepageant.com

    Director: Brian Kelly
    Editor: Ryann Ruzika
    Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
    Dancers: Breeze Team Entertainment