“Warm In The Winter” & “Beautiful Object”

    Without any notice, Glass Candy unleashed a new single last week, Gorilla vs. Bear reports. The Portland duo had been quiet, aside from a couple of singles, since their last last album, B/ E/ A/ T/ B/ O/ X, appeared in 2007. And their latest “Warm in the Winter,” and its B-side “Beautiful Object,” share its Italo-disco roots. Here, Ida No’s champagne-sopped croon reigns over Johhny Jewel’s glitzy production, synths stream like confetti, and the duo pack in enough funk to keep a dance floor crowded into the early a.m. No word on whether or not these tracks will appear on an upcoming GC record, but their New Year’s Eve spirit will wear well as the temperature drops.

    You can stream the two tracks below.

    Glass Candy: “Warm in the Winter”

    Glass Candy: “Beautiful Object”