“Wanna Be Like You” (Video – Prefix Premiere)

    Blueprint‘s video for “Wanna Be Like You” from last year’s underrated Adventures in Counter-Culture, is totally unique. The only thing I can really compare some its animation to is the weirdo visual treatments of Chad VanGaalen. The animation here was done by Dax Norman, whose done an excellent job of keeping my eyes fixated. Colors and shapes are constantly swirling, and at one point the head of a bull morphs into two women in bikinis.

    Ink blots, kaleidoscope filters  and other distorted visions mark a great video for a great and very forward-looking song: Adventures, and “Wanna” especially, are so unlike 1988, Blueprint’s last solo LP for Rhymesayers, and it’s excellent to hear this new sound embraced with such confidence and singularity. The video is similarly expressive, and both work to pull you in closer. It grabs your attention and keeps it. Watch “Wanna Be Like You” below.