“Walmart Parking Lot” (Video)

    Alt-country veterans have a done a fine job making sure both sides of the genre sticker apply in their video for “Walmart Parking Lot.” The song is an ambigous heartbreak song with Eef Barzelay’s signature quirky lyrics and nasally vocals. The video, meanwhile, features drummer Ben Martin on the run from the cops after stealing a late-’90s style cute toy while wearing an “I Heart Gaming Shirt.”


    Clem Snide – Walmart Parking Lot from Clem Snide on Vimeo.


    “Walmart Parking Lot” is the first single off The Meat of Life, Clem Snide’s seventh proper studio album, released last week. It’s the first album that’s been fully produced since the band’s reunion in 2009 (last year’s The Hungry Bird was recorded pre-breakup).


    [You Ain’t No Picasso]