“Walkin’ On The Moon” F. Moe Pope (The-Dream Cover) (Video)

    In the past nine months or so, we have seen Boston’s Bad Rabbits churn out impressive covers of Michael Jackon’s “Human Nature” and Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979.” Even though covers aren’t typically our thing, these guys are so tight and sharp musically that we can’t but be impressed by their reworks. That remains true on their latest cover, which takes them through a track in their funk/New Jack Swing/R&B wheelhouse.

    It’s The-Dream’s 2009 single, the Kanye West-featured “Walkin’ on the Moon.” Bad Rabbits have upped the funk ante considerably while making sure to retain the original elements. They reached out to fellow Boston resident Moe Pope to handle Yeezy’s guest raps, which Pope does with ease. Now if only we knew when Bad Rabbits were releasing their Teddy Riley-produced project, everything would be gravy. Watch their cover of “Walkin’ on the Moon” below.