“Wake Up Mr. Flowers” (Remix) (Video)

    For the most part, Lil B’s music has been split down the middle in terms of content. On one track, you might hear him get super-ignorant with a cooking joint like “Wonton Soup” and “Justin Bieber.” And on the next one, the Based God will be in his more introspective, reflective mode rapping about his younger years and just wanting to enjoy life. But on the remix to “Wake Up Mr. Flowers,” he’s bringing out both sides content-wise — which is interesting considering it’s an older track. The song’s video is what we have come to expect from Lil B, meaning there’s not really much to see here outside of an awkward interaction with a family and shots of him ducking behind flowers. As weird as that sounds, it actually kind of, you know, works in the context of the song.