“Video Phone” (ft. Lady Gaga) (Video)


    The more content released that’s related to the Beyonce/Lady Gaga collaboration, “Video Phone,” the  less the song makes sense. At first it seemed that the track was some sort of half-baked commentary on the dissemination of Beyonce’s image, but the video makes it seem like the message is, you know, “Beyonce’s hot.” In this specific context though, Beyonce’s hot with Lady Gaga, who still feels a bit out of place when she’s not wearing rings (planetary, not finger) or weird bat headpieces.


    I still wonder how this whole thing came about; I like to think it happened when Lady Gaga sat behind Beyonce at the VMAs. Beyonce probably thought (in a voice a lot like Brian Fellow), “This girl is wearing a mane!  That’s crazy! She thinks she’s a lion, but she’s not a lion! I should do a song with her. It would be crazy!”