“Video Phone” (feat. Lady Gaga) (Stream)

    Yes, I know that the number of Beyonce/Lady Gaga/telecommunications related posts in one day is starting to become confusing/imply that both artists have signed contracts with AT&T, but the difference is simple: while “Telephone” is a banger/tragedy (bangerady? tranger?) about miscommunication due to club volume and unwanted texts, “Video Phone” is a dissection of fans’ relation to “image” in the current culture, in which Beyonce dismisses and encourages men by telling them to record her on their phones. Yeah I know, they probably did sign contracts with AT&T, but whatever, my way is more fun. Just know that in ten years when cultural historians try to dissect the state of our relationships with each other and technology, “Telephone,” “Video Phone,” and this song will provide the foundation of their studies.