‘Video Games & Blunts Vol. 1’ (Mixtape)

    With fellow Based producer Clams Casino inking a deal with Tri Angle, it’s very possible that the same will happen to Keyboard Kid very soon. If the name isn’t familiar, you might know some of the rappers who spit on his beats: Lil B, Squadda B, and Soulja Boy. Yeah, that should do it. Now then, do yourself a favor and grab Based In The Rain right now, give it a few spins this holiday weekend, and get prepared to hear the Kid’s latest project. Video Games & Blunts Vol. 1 stems from his work a few years ago. Here’s what he had to say about it:

    These Beats Are A Collection Of Beats I Had Made Between 2007-2009. During Those Summers I Made Beats, Smoked Too Many Blunts And Played Hella Video Games..My Mind Was Warped And These Were Some Of My Creations..I Was Trapped In #BASEDWORLD.

    Word. You can download the mixtape here.