The news of Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia have been unfolding on our front pages for a few weeks, but pop’s prime provocateur M.I.A. has been surprisingly silent until now.

    Yesterday, she posted the above video on her Twitter account. The music is the first ten minutes of her VICKI LEEKX mixtape, which was released at the turn of the year. The familiar branding of her recent /\/\/\Y/\ (MAYA) campaign are still here through Google Maps mash-ups, blown-up desktops and toolbars as lines of hieroglyphs. What looks like footage from one of M.I.A.’s shows flashes briefly, but soon morphs into excerpts of the graphic April 2010 “Collateral Murder” video.

    M.I.A. followed the above post with two photos, the latter of which came with the accompanying message, “vicki leekx home made wardrobe ! ill explain later! u likeeeee isss niccce , its cheeep u buuuy !!! i got cooolooo” Odd way to punctuate a point, but I suppose that’s what I meant by “provocateur.”