“Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2”

    Detroit rapper Elzhi is one of underground hip-hop’s most cherished and lauded MCs. But he’s kind of in the same boat as equally loved rapper Jay Electronica in that neither is the most prolific artist. At least in Elzhi’s case, though, we have heard some actual projects, including 2008’s The Preface and 2009’s The Leftovers UnMixedTape. Since then, though, his output has been slim at best as he has been working on and delaying the release of Elmatic, which is his tribute to Nas’ classic debut, Illmatic.


    That’s still the case here, though we now at least have the bonus cut from the project. “Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2,” which features a great beat from fellow Motown native 14KT, is a lyrically dense, cautionary tale of the music industry. And it just might feature an explanation of why we don’t get to hear from El too often. The track also pays homage to Nas’ verse on “Verbal Intercourse” off Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…


    Stream/download the track via the link below.