Vemonstress Day 1 Bootlegs (Audio)

    It seems that Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary festivies have just about all regions of America excited, from the bowels of the Pacific Northwest to the mountains of New England. Brad, the owner of the excellent mp3 blog Bradley’s Almanac, talks about how influential Sub Pop’s 1992 Vermonstress festival was to a young Brad:

    If I didn’t have these soundboard recordings, ticket stubs, and an old disintegrating t-shirt as proof, I’d have a hard time believing that Sub Pop‘s 1992 Vermonstress Festival actually took place. As an indie-rock-lovin’, college radio DJin’, drum-learnin’, band-startin’, early-20-something kid living in the relatively isolated Burlington, Vermont, imagine how stunned I was to hear that one of my favorite record labels was planning a music fest pretty much on my doorstep.

    But this being an MP3 blog, Brad has uploaded a treasure chest full off bootleg recordings off tapes taken from the Vermonstress festival in honor of Sp20. Countless early 90 Sub Pop treasures like Beat Happening, Codeine, and Velocity Girl make an appearance. There’s too much to even begin to upload here, and the tracks do run long (like most live recordings), but they’re of stunning quality considering their age.


    Check out the Vermonstress tracks on Bradley’s Almanac Here