Various Songs (Live for Daytrotter)

    In a very quiet way, Portland band Menomena have been one of the most consistent and innovative bands of the past ten years, with strong albums like I Am the Fun Blame Monster, Friend And Foe, and last year’s Mines. Hard to say what they’ll sound like now that Brett Knopf has left to focus on his other group, Ramona Falls, but if they keep the same sense of experimental pop songcraft that has been their staple, it should be fun to listen to. This Daytrotter session was recorded prior to Knopf’s leaving, and it features the group rocking out three tracks from the latest LP, “Queen Black Acid,” “Tithe,” and “Killemall.” The songs pack all of their intended punch in the Daytrotter studios as they do on record, the band’s signature push and pull between minimalist instrumentation and full-band sounds creating a distinct emotional ebb and flow. Check the session out here. [A Heart Is A Spade]