Various new tracks (Stream)

    Hot on the heels of their self-titled, Prefix-approved album, Liars are streaming four new songs (that are pretty lo-fi) on their MySpace page.

    “Disgusting” is a garage-rocker with a propulsive bass line, with lead singer Angus Andrews moaning “You are a man/ But I am a drug/ it’s so disgusting” over and over like he’s arguing with a drug addict as his drug of choice. “And When Did You Get Here Snail?”, “Ill Will” and “Turning and Turning” harken back to Drum’s Not Dead’s sonic murkiness, with “Turning and Turning” being the highlight off all the tracks thanks to its tree branch percussion.


    No word on whether these are just old tracks the band put up on their page, or if these are new tracks the band plan on using on their next album.


    Photo Credit: Kyle Gustafson/