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Vampire Weekend: "Cousins" (Video)


Vampire Weekend have just released a video for their previously announced single "Cousins," following last month's release of "Horchata." The track is available from XL digitally now, and will be available on 7" December 15th. It will also appear on their highly anticipated new record Contra, available January 12th. The Garth Jennings-directed video is a low budget but creative piece filmed in what appears to be a New York City alleyway. There's a brief moment about halfway in that references Bob Dylan's classic "Subterranean Homesick Blues" cue card video clip, and the track ends on a defiant note: regular bell is the new cowbell. The song itself is two-and-a-half minutes of punky Elvis Costello-inspired pop - in a word, irresistible.


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Vampire Weekend

"Irresistable"? mm, yeah...but no.

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The Web Sheriff has had a busy day today with this one.

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I don't normally ish on VW, I liked the self titled... but everything leaked from Contra thus far has been meh in my opinion...


awwww---it's cute.

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