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Vampire Weekend: "I'm Goin' Down" (Bruce Springsteen Cover)


There are a lot of major buzz bands with a musical debt to Bruce Springsteen, from Arcade Fire to Titus Andronicus. Vampire Weekend, though, are one group that you wouldn't necessarily expect to throw down a Boss cover. Recently in Vancouver, however, Ezra Koenig and company took their Upper West Side afro-pop down to blue collar New Jersey, covering Born in the U.S.A. standout "I'm Goin' Down." Check out that video above, which both faithfully pays respect to the original version, while still adding a Vampire Weekend style to it. Still could use a sax solo, guys. [PMA]

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Vampire Weekend

Free Energy already recorded a cover of I'm Going Down for a 7in split with Titus...they already started playing it live to. I'm sure they kick it much more Boss-like this VW version is weak.

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Koenig also grew up in New Jersey, for what it's worth.

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wasn't a springsteen fan though, he just recently realized he ignored it because it was popular

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