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Vampire Weekend: "Holiday" and "Cousins" (Live On Ellen) (Video)


You know you’ve hit the big time when a booker from Ellen DeGeneres’s show comes knocking. Vampire Weekend have played just about every talk show in North American during their promo stint for Contra, and completed the circuit yesterday (Sept. 28) with this performance of “Holiday.”


Another sign that you’ve made it is when everyone starts suing you, but the band showed no signs of worry about their legal problems during this performance, which is an efficient run-through of one of the sparsest tracks on the album. Sadly, we don’t get to hear what the talk show host thought of them in this clip, but we did get an additional performance of "Cousins" (see below). 


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Vampire Weekend

Every time I forget about this band, they seem to pop back up again.

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Ellen? Really?

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