“Valdor” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    On its own, Gentlemen Drivers‘ latest single, “Valdor,” is already a mindfuck reminiscent of someone experimenting with samples from a 1980s horror film. Because aside from the somewhat-sassy female vocals, the track sounds like it was lifted from a creepy B movie. Just try not to think of that when you hear the throbbing percussion lingering underneath the rising layers of grimy synthesizers.


    But the Parisian electro duo had to go one step further with the track, which appears on their recently released Asphalt EP. They reached out to Allen Cordell, who has become a go-to director for left-field indie artists over the past few years. One of his more recent excursions was the wild video for Cloud Nothings’ “Understand At All,” which boasted, among other things, someone getting turned into a chair.


    Well, if you thought that was crazy, you will probably lose your shit while watching the visuals for “Valdor.” After starting off with an awkward teen romance gag, it cuts to a family about to chow down on their Christmas dinner. Then, well, all hell breaks loose. Seriously, I couldn’t even sum up what happens here if I wanted. Actually, no, I will: It’s absolutely nuts. And awesome.


    Gentlemen Drivers’ Asphalt EP is out now. They are currently working on a proper full-length album.