“V I Z Z E R” (Video)

    Vulkan The Krusader is quietly hinting at joining the proverbial round table of new New York rap. The Miami-bred, Brooklyn-based MC (who you may remember from our “Try Harder” premiere) is currently prepping his new LP, V—a 17-track project which contains some exciting collaborations with a few Prefix favorites: Thelonious Martin, SPVCE and Black Zheep DZ, to name a few.

    Before that album arrives however, Vulkan’s last project, V For Vendetta, needs some tending to. The “V I Z Z E R” video finds him in various neighborhood spots—drinking liquor in an alley, kicking it with his boys in the project hallway and getting his impressive pony tail tended to by a blonde beauty on the porch—all through an assortment of Mister Mildor’s warped shots.

    The track itself isn’t half bad either. It’s a dreamy, ethereal number which never truly takes flight into the stratosphere, just fluttering around its comfort zone; perfect for those wake-and-bake a.m.’s. Vulkan’s V is slated to be released on Feb. 14 2013. [The Source]