“Up All Night” & “After Midnight” (Live On Kimmel) (Video)

    One of the biggest questions surrounding the reunion of blink-182 — aside from the cries of “Why?!” from the detractors — is absolutely, “What would a blink-182 record in 2011 would even sound like?” I mean, these are guys who clearly went in different directions since their “indefinite hiatus” in 2005. And not only that, but their then-final record, blink-182, was their most mature effort to date.

    So what’s next? From the sound of their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the guys are pretty much doing exactly what we would expect. There are hints of indie-leaning power-pop, boisterous drumming from Travis Barker, and moments of sadsack-isms. In other words, there’s nothing terribly arresting, though it’s good to know they’re still not singing uselessly crass lyrics filled with dick and fart jokes.

    Watch the performance below. Blink’s new album, Neighborhoods, is out now.

    [130 BPM]